Our Team is comprised of various professionals in the industry who are as dedicated as we are to their clients

We take pride in our listings so you can rest assured that if we take charge of yours; We will do our best at all times to portray the best presentation possible of it!


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‚ÄčAs a homeowners ourselves, we can certainly appreciate the position that you are in. It makes it much easier to relate to someone 
who is selling and stressing about their home having done it ourselves. We are very detailed and protective of our clients and will protect your best interest at every junction!  Often referred to as a "Listing Specialist" (dealing primarily with Sellers), most of Julianna's
clients come from past-customer referrals who were very satisfied with her services before. She is extremely proud of this fact and does her best to live up to her reputation and your expectations. She under promises and over delivers.

We respect that this is a very daunting task and that anything can go wrong, so we are sure to explain every aspect of what to expect in today's market with regard to the closing process. It changes every year and there are many pitfalls that sellers
are not aware of. Using Julianna's background as an educator, allows us to teach our clients as she would her students to make
sure that they understand completely every piece of paper that they sign and every addendum they agree to, as well as updates on Florida Real Estate Laws.


Wow, whether you are buying your first home, your second, an investment, or a vacation home, we love helping Buyers through this
process! It too can be extremely stressful and you need someone capable of guiding you along the way; step-by-step all the way to the end! We will be there every single step no matter how big or small making sure that you are making the best decision and will be happy once it's over! We know the neighborhoods well and what community features will suit your needs best. 

All of us have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly from the Buyer's perspective. Which is why we are the best team to stand
by your side to help you avoid pitfalls and ensure that you are making the safest decisions for your best interest! We stay on top of the inventory so we know the market and what each area brings to the table.

*** These are volatile times in South Florida Real Estate, and it is true that the inventory is low and the prices are inching up.
We unfortunately have to warn you that there are many Real Estate Related websites out there that promote properties with inaccurate data regarding both availability and values. This is why the only sites we recommend or support are provided for you here. ***